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Process for applying and different types of visas

Emigrating to Australia is becoming increasingly more difficult and quite often the simplest and fastest route to entry now is through an employer sponsored visa, known as a 457 Visa. At JobzinOz many of the high profile clients that we work with are geared up to be able to offer 457 Visas, leading to sponsorship for permanent residency a little further down the line, making this one of the quickest and easiest ways of starting your new life in Australia.

The requirements for the 457 Visa have three stages:

Stage 1: Employer Sponsorship Application
Stage 2: Position Nomination
Stage 3: Visa Application

Stage 1 – Employer Sponsorship Requirements

The employer needs to show the following:

  • Company is lawfully and actively operating;
  • Company has a sound business record (excluding start up businesses) and abides by immigration laws; and
  • Company has and will continue to train staff.

Stage 2 – Position Nomination Requirements

The employer needs to show the following:

  • Company is an approved Employer Sponsor;
  • The skills and experience required to fill the position;
  • The position is to be paid at the market salary rate; and
  • The position (occupation) is on the appropriate government list.

Stage 3 – Visa Application Requirements

The employer needs to show the following:

  • Company has an approved and current Employer Sponsorship; and
  • Company has the nominated position approved.

The employee needs to show the following:

  • Employee has the required skills for the position.


There are other visas that you can have granted to allow you to live and work in Australia apart from the 457 visas:

Working Holiday Visa – Subclass 417 (1st year)

If you are aged between 18 and 30 you can have an extended holiday and are allowed to work in casual employment for up to 12 months.

Working Holiday Visa – Subclass 417 (2nd year)

This is available if you have already worked in Australia for a year as a seasonal or construction worker.

Australian Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)

This is a permanent residency visa that allows employers in Australia to sponsor foreign nationals to live and work permanently in Australia.

Australia State Sponsored (Migrant) Visa, Subclass 176

The Australia State Sponsored Visa (Migrant) allows you to migrate to Australia if you have good enough English skills and have skills and qualifications in an occupation that is in shortage in Australia. You can be nominated for this either by a relative living in Australia or by a state.

Australia Business Owner Visa, Subclass 163

This visa is used to encourage business owners, executives and investors to bring their business or investment skills to Australia. You will usually be granted this visa for 4 years then you can apply for permanent residency ion Australia.

Australia Skilled Migration Visa, Subclass 175

This visa allows skilled migrants in certain specialised occupations to move to Australia to seek employment without having to have a job to go to or already be sponsored.

Further information on the above and additional visas can be found at:

Who can work in Oz

For all applications made through JobzinOz, one of our dedicated consultants would be able to assess your suitability for the role and inform you of whether you would be successful in being granted a visa. However, why not take a free online visa assessment to see if you have the required skills and background to work and live in Australia? By following the link below, you can carry out no obligation assessments for a variety of visas to see which best suits you and your current situation.

Skills currently in high demand

Australia is currently suffering skills shortages in a number of key areas, including Construction, Engineering & Technical, Mining, Energy and Natural Resources.

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Typical pay rates

On average, Australian salaries are higher than those we can expect for the same positions in the UK. By registering your details with JobzinOz, you could soon be starting your new life in Australia and earning competitive salaries.

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Where to go for more info

If you are thinking about starting your Australian dream, this section contains some links you may find useful to research issues such as how much tax you will pay, general immigration information and information about transferring your UK pension over to Australia.

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