About JobzinOz

JobzinOz is the specialist Australian Job Board for UK Recruiter Kelburn Recruitment Ltd. We work with a network of UK and Australian based partners to offer exciting new start opportunities in Australia to talented European workers. For more information about our parent company, and to find details of UK based vacancies, please click here.

How we work

When you register with JobzinOz we will appoint a dedicated consultant to support you in your search for opportunities across the Australian continent. We will make initial contact with you to establish your current situation, ensure that you are serious and fully understand the implications of this potential life changing move, and agree with you what should happen next as you start your journey towards a new life.

Live Australian vacancies are advertised through our web site and separately circulated direct to our Job Seekers via the JobzinOz Tweet – we strongly recommend that you sign up to follow us on Twitter.

Your details will be stored on our database and we ask you to keep us advised of any changes in your situation. As and when we receive opportunities that match your skills and experience we will contact you to outline the opportunity and check if you are happy for your details to be forwarded to the prospective Australian employer.

Initial interviews with Job Seekers are normally arranged in person by our own Consultants. Subsequently, any required interviews with our Australian partners or Australian based employers are normally conducted via Skype connection. We will arrange all of these with you at times convenient to yourself. Please bear in mind that there are 3 Australian time zones which vary between 7 and 11 ½ hours ahead of the UK (depending upon location and season), so Skype interviews are normally timed for early morning or late evening.

Throughout the process you will be supported by both JobzinOz and our Australian based partners. Our mission is to make your application process as straightforward as possible, leaving you to concentrate on the really important decision of whether you are ready and willing to make that dream move to Australia.

Holding your hand

We understand how big the decision is to relocate to Australia. From the moment you register your CV with JobzinOz, you will be cared for by a dedicated recruitment specialist, who will provide guidance and assistance throughout the whole process.

Once we have found a position that both interests you and is in a location that excites you, we will help you to fully research the company, the opportunity and the location, to ensure that this is the right move. Whenever possible we will meet you in person and then continue to maintain regular contact by phone, email and Skype. Our people on both sides of the world will make themselves available outside of office hours to deal with any urgent or pressing issues. Should questions arise that can not be immediately answered, we will aim to provide a full response within 24 hours. We want to make sure that this is the right move for you and we will support you in any way we can, whether you need practical information or just a chat about the temperature in Adelaide!

Throughout the whole emigration process we are committed to providing you with regular updates on your application together with realistic timescales, as your progress on your journey towards a new life in Australia.

Additionally, we work with registered migration agents who are available to assist you when required with your visa application, help you to set up new bank accounts, and deal with all the important things you need to consider when relocating to a new country.

When you get there

Upon arrival in Australia, you will normally be met by a representative from either our Australian Partner company or your future employer. In some instances you will be provided with temporary accommodation by your new employer until you have time to make your own arrangements. In any event you will be welcomed to your new surroundings, provided with an itinerary for your first days in Australia and assisted with your onward journey from the airport.

Your dedicated UK consultant from JobzinOz will also be in contact during your first days in Australia to make sure you are settling in well and have everything you need to make the transition to your new. Whilst candidates normally quickly settle into their new lifestyle, we are happy to maintain contact with anyone that needs our assistance over the longer term, and are always interested in hearing about our candidate’s experiences in the Australian continent.

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